Finding Nemo 2: The Sea Creatures to the Rescue is a Pixar Animation Studios in the sequel of Finding Nemo when released on May 13, 2015.

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When to the ocean we sharks, goats, donkeys, mice and moose when to the ocean creatures with Cora when see Dory chasing Cora when to giant diver when to that attack Cora kill him by Dory when Toby named Swallower an his dark ocean creatures with Anglerfish and Dragonfish when Toby the Swallower when to Cora on a ocean when to the submarine with Rapunzel, Aladdin, Dorothy and Bruce when to ride in a crush coaster ride with Remy, Rapunzel and Nemo when Crush with that attack Crush battling Dragonfish when to the swallower and anglerfish when Crush fall into a darkness of the ocean depths when Anglerfish kill by Crish when to the that attack Cora when Anglerfish were Toby when to his dragonfish and anglerfish when Crush quote "Dragonfish's defeat" Gets killed by Anglerfish when Cora, Rapunzel, Remy, Bruce, Aladdin, Dorothy and Toby all the sea friends.

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